About us

PRC was founded by Henry Staggs, after more than two decades as a roofing contractor. After being very ill for more than a year, Henry decided to re-focus his efforts from contracting to consulting. And started on a journey at that time, to re-experience the roofing industry from a different point of view. Using his experience and knowledge to help owners with their roofing needs.

Our mission at PRC is to be the most professional, effective and efficient consulting company that we can be. This mission demands that we are always learning and growing, and making every effort to be better at what we do. This mission demands that we always providing an increasingly better service to the people who have trusted us with their roofing needs.

We are members of the Roofing Consultant Institute (RCI), the nation’s leading association of professional roofing and waterproofing consultants. They provide us with the continuing education and certification opportunities that we need, to grow and achieve our mission of being the most professional, effective and efficient roof consulting company in the state of Arizona.

We at PRC also work closely with the manufactures, who have so much to offer in the way of training and education, concerning their products and proper application. Only, by knowing ourselves how their products are to be applied, can we monitor and contractor’s application. Should there ever be an application problem or a problem with the materials. We will call on the manufacture to come out and investigate the problem.

Our role is to help our clients get the very best roof for their money. To help our clients find great contracts and manage the project, in an organized and successful way. We do not do that alone, we make use of every resource at our disposal, to provide our clients with the very possible service possible.

We also have a Roofing Contractor’s license in the state of Arizona. Most roof consultants do not have a license. We keep our license, because we want to pay into the industry that we are earning our living from. We contribute the state funds that are used to help owners who have been cheated by bad contractors.  Having this license also proves that we know what it means to be a roofing contractor in Arizona, and how to work with roofing contractors.

We are consultants not contractors, even though we do have a roofing contractor’s license. We do not engage in contracting. We do offer maintenance plans for our clients, but we do not offer re-roofing services. This policy of being 100% consultants and not taking re-roof contracts keeps us from finding ourselves in a conflict of interest. Whereas some other companies are doing both, and we simply believe you cannot do both. Without compromising, and we will never compromise our responsibility to the people who have trusted us with their roofing needs.