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Glendale's Premier Roofing Consultancy

Need to know that the roof repair and maintenance work on your commercial high-rise in Glendale is taken care of according to your plan? Do you own a retail mall that needs re-roofing? Are you a roofing contractor who needs to ensure the work is done to code?

Call today to schedule an appointment with our Glendale roof consultants at PRC. We have many years of experience with heavy backgrounds in the commercial, industrial, and multi-family roofing industry, so you'll get nothing but the best advice and service. Our roof consultants are here to help you protect your assets.

Our roofing consulting company provides services throughout the lifetime of your roof. Our work involves four phases:

flat roof with gravel
  •   Roof Condition Assessment inspections and recommendations
  •   Job specifications and the bidding process
  •   Project monitoring, contract administration and quality control
  •   Roof maintenance and management

Roof Inspections

Hiring a professional inspector with no ties, motives, or obligations to anyone else is the only way to get a roof inspection you can trust in Glendale. When you hire PRC for a roof inspection, you won't have a problem with getting a biased report. We are not affiliated with roof suppliers, other contractors, manufacturers, or anyone else, so our only motive is to provide you with reliable, honest roof inspections.

Storm Damage Assessment

After storm damage, the first thing to do is get a storm damage assessment from an experienced roof inspector. Protect your Glendale assets by having your roof inspected after every hail storm, hurricane winds, lightning strike, or another disaster. Let us identify potential problems and leaks, and prepare a repair/maintenance plan to protect your property.

If you are looking for a roof consultant in the Glendale area, please call us at 480-265-1613 or complete our consultation form.

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