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Are you looking for an experienced roof consultant in Tempe, AZ? Our roof consults at PRC are here to help you with quality management for new roofing projects, inspections of existing roofing systems, storm damage assessments, and maintenance management for your commercial or industrial building.

Having the help of a professional roof consultant is invaluable to protect your roof asset. Make sure this most important structure is handled correctly during all phases of its lifetime by contacting our roof consultants in Tempe today.

roof with shingle damage
  •   Flat/Steep Roof Specialists
  •   Roof Survey/Assessment
  •   Specification & Bidding
  •   Contractor Administration & Quality Control
  •   Roof Asset Management & Maintenance

Roof Consultations

Our many years of roofing experience enables our consulting firm to provide the advice you need to protect your building's most important asset – the roof. Whether you are repairing or replacing an old roof, constructing a new one, or managing the ongoing maintenance, our consultants can help to ensure the project complies with building code standards and quality standards.

  •   Roof Condition Assessments & Recommendations
  •   Project Monitoring & Quality Control
  •   Job Specifications and Bidding
  •   Roof Maintenance Management

Roof Inspections

Whether you are planning to buy a new building, are a facility manager, or your Tempe apartment complex has experienced storm damage, a professional roof inspection from PRC will arm you with the details of the current condition of the roof and what repairs need to be done to restore it to good condition. We provide unbiased, honest roof inspections and are not affiliated with manufacturers or with other roofing contractors in Tempe.

  •   Quality Control & Compliance Inspections
  •   Two-Year Roof Certifications for Loans
  •   Due Diligence Inspections
  •   Storm Damage Assessments

If you are looking for a roof consultant in the Tempe, area, please call us at 480-265-1613 or complete our consultation form.

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