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Are You Looking For A Professional Roofing Consulting Company in Peoria, AZ?

Our roof consulting company stays up to date on current state and local roofing code regulations in Peoria and obtain the latest certifications and continuing education on flat to steeply sloped roofs. We make sure you have the information you need to protect your assets and reach your goals.

Our firm is here to help you with your projects whether it's managing the roof maintenance for a commercial building, storm damage assessments for your home, or providing quality control for roofing contractors during a roof repair or re-roofing project.

Get unbiased roof inspections, assessments, and recommendations from our reliable roofing consulting company in Peoria today.

Roof Inspections

flat roof metal

Getting a bad roof inspection in Peoria can lead to years of leaks and loads of wasted money. It's important to hire an experienced roof inspector who has no reason to provide a biased report. Some roof inspectors just don't care, not even going up in the attic to inspect the insulation and look for leaks.

Our roof inspections are thorough and accurate, providing you with the unbiased roof condition assessment and recommendations you need. We provide storm damage assessments, due diligence inspections, and two-year roof certifications as well as quality control inspections for your roofing projects.

Job Specification & Bidding

Every roofing job needs good project planning and detailed specifications for the construction work. Every phase of the roofing job needs to be detailed before the work ever begins. From soliciting bids and hiring a contractor, to the final closeout and everything in-between, a job without direction and guidance can go bad really fast.

Protect your project by hiring our roof consulting company for service in Peoria. We will write your job specification manual specifically for your project with your needs and goals in mind.

If you are looking for a roof consultant in the Peoria area, please call us at 480-265-1613 or complete our consultation form.

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