Roofing Consulting Services for HOA's

You are all volunteers, offering your time for free to help keep your community a nice place to live. Most of the time it’s a thankless and stressful job. Yet, you do it with all your heart and will and I have great respect for you all.

Don’t add to your stress but trying to hire a roofing contractor on your own. You will likely end up with several proposals with a range of confusing solutions and cost. Making you feel even more overwhelmed then before.

I can Help!

I have completed thousands of roofing projects over the years, from small single homes to large apartment buildings. My experience ranges from shingle, to tile to flat roofing. I have worked with general contractors, sub-contractors, military contractors, insurance companies and YES HOA’s and community management companies.

What will I do for you?

•To begin with I will thoroughly inspect your roof’s condition
•Write a detailed condition report
•Write a recommendation report, to include a scope of work and specifications.
Based on local code, manufacturer’s specifications and Arizona workmanship standards
•Secure three “apples to apples” bids from three qualified contractors for your consideration.
•Assist with project management from beginning to the end.


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Let my years of experience in the roofing industry work for you.

I offer a free half an hour consultation, give me a call and let’s see if I am a fit for you.