Property Management

You have a fiduciary responsibility to your client, and when you hire me I share in that same responsibility with you. My obligation is help you serve your clients best interest. I take this aspect of my business very seriously and will not compromise in this area.

My promise to you is that I will always hold you and your clients best interest above my own.

I have completed thousands of roofing projects over the years, from small single homes to large apartment buildings. My experience ranges from shingle, to tile to flat roofing. I have worked with general contractors, sub-contractors, military contractors, insurance companies and YES HOA’s and community management companies.

What will I do for you?

* To begin with I will thoroughly inspect your roof’s condition

* Write a detailed condition report

* Write a recommendation report, to include a scope of work and specifications. Based on local code, manufacturer’s specifications and Arizona workmanship standards.

* Secure three “apples to apples” bids from three qualified contractors for your consideration.

* Assist with project management from beginning to the end.

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