Time! Is something that realtors never seem to have enough of. You are either waiting or rushing to get all those little details taken care of to close on time.

I have worked with realtors almost exclusively since 2010. Doing inspections, small repairs and two-years roof certifications. While most contractors will go out of their way to avoid you guys, I can’t wait to help you.

•Roof inspections and condition reporting
•Two-year roof certifications

Our two-year roof certifications, done through our other company, Rooffix, llc,Have never been rejected by any financial institution.

Don’t take chances with other contractors so-called two-year roof certifications,that get rejected. Our two-year roof certification has never been rejected.

•Can be completed in 24 to 48 hours
•On site documentation if needed
•Never been rejected by any financial institution

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