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Roof Consulting Services

Are you looking for roof consulting services, roof inspections, or roof certifications for the commercial, multi-family, or industrial property you own or manage in Phoenix? The following are brief descriptions of the services that our Phoenix roof consultants offer you. If you have any questions or need clarification, call us at (480) 265-1613.

Our Phoenix roof consulting services cover four basic phases:

flat metal roof


Every great roofing project begins with a complete and detailed roof inspection. A detailed evaluation of the roof’s condition is vital in the planning process whether you are buying a property or plan to repair it. This is the first step in preparing a truly effective repair and/or replacement plan, so come to the Phoenix roof consultants at PRC who have years of industry experience.


Quality control inspections provided by PRC ensure that the roofing contractor's installation methods complied with building code regulations and the project specifications. We will inspect roofs recently installed for compliance and workmanship. Our consultant will review the specifications and drawings and provide a full roof inspection from top to bottom.


Due diligence inspections will give you the confidence that the roof of the building you are purchasing is in good condition. We provide a thorough examination of roofing defects, improper repair deficiencies, storm damage left unrepaired, and maintenance that was deferred. Our due diligence inspection provides a realistic plan for your expected long-term and short-term repair costs.

We will inspect the roof of any building before you decide to buy it, provide you with a written condition report informing you of the current condition of the roof and what to expect should you decide to purchase the building.


Should you have the misfortune of your roof being damaged during a storm event, we can help you with your insurance claims by providing you with a detailed assessment report and repair or replacement scope of work. This information is very helpful to the insurance adjuster working on your claim.


PRC will; investigate further to determine the proper specifications and details for roof repair or re-roofing, prepare a written job manual/specification including drawings, and other documents as needed, invite qualified contractors to bid on the project, conduct a pre-bid meeting if needed, receive and review bids with the client, make recommendations regarding contractor selection.


To assist the client and help protect their investment, we will; work directly with the contractor selected to do the work in assuring the client that the work is in compliance with the job specifications, verify that the correct materials are being used and handled properly, that all manufacture warranties condition are being met, inspect the work in progress and reporting minor or major problems to the contractor for immediate correction, reporting our observations to the client each day we are on site.


You are not a roofing contractor and no one should expect you to be. Let us be your eyes and ears, let our decades of experience in the roofing business serve your project’s need. Let us monitor the work full time or periodically, inspecting the quality of the work being done and assuring you that it meets the project specifications.

Should there be a problem, we know full well how to approach the problem and resolve it fast and efficiently. Contractors tend to be more quality conscience when they know a professional is paying attention.

While monitoring your roof construction project, we will report to you as often as needed. We will advise you and then you will determine how to proceed in various situations. Bottom line, we make sure you get exactly what you paid for.


Maintaining the life of a roofing system is the only way to protect the asset. A good plan will include hiring a roof maintenance management professional with no ties or affiliations with any contractor or product.

This is especially important for property managers, commercial leasing agents, and industry professionals who need to ensure the roof stays in good condition to protect the client's assets.

To continue helping our clients protect their assets, we will prepare a five-year roof maintenance plan to assure the roof is properly maintained as per the manufacturer’s warranty requirements, to help prevent leaks, or to coordinate emergency repairs if needed. We also perform annual visual inspections and report our observations to our client each day we are on site. Call to ask about setting up a roof asset maintenance management program today.


We provide two-year roof certifications often required by financial institutions prior to funding a loan. Typically, a roof certification can be completed within 72 hours. Our certification includes a full roof condition assessment, recommendations for repairs to make sure the roof is watertight. And our two-year roof certification document has never been rejected by any financial institution.

This service consists of a roof inspection, in which we will determine if the roof is currently leaking or likely to leak in the next two years. Leaks can be very expensive and frustrating. We are experts at locating hard to find leaks. We take advantage of all the available technology, such as moister detectors or thermal cameras.

If we find that the roof is leaking or likely to leak, we will provide you with a scope of work to correct the problem before issuing a two-year roof certification. If we determine that the roof is water-tight is not likely to leak in the next two years, we will issue your two-year roof certification right away.

* Repairs may be required before a two-year roof certification can be issued, payment is due at time of service, fees cover the cost of the inspection.

If you are looking for a roof consultant in the Phoenix area, please call us at 480-265-1613 or complete our consultation form.

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