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Your Source for Building Envelope Consulting Services

Building Envelope ConsultingAs an owner of a residential or commercial building in Phoenix, ensuring that the structural components of the building are secure is crucial to preventing problems such as energy loss and moisture damage. You can identify and resolve these complications by hiring a skilled roof consultant from Preferred Roof Consultants of Arizona for building envelope consulting and waterproofing services.

Building Envelopes: What They Are and What They Do

Building envelopes are complex systems engineered to separate the interior and exterior environments of buildings. To maintain structural integrity, building envelopes must adhere to stringent guidelines. Roofs, walls, windows, and doors are all included in building envelopes. A roof consultant experienced in building envelope consulting can test your building envelope for temperature regulation, moisture control, and structural integrity.

If you require building envelope consulting services to meet both the design plans and the performance objectives of your building project, hire a qualified roof consultant at Preferred Roof Consultants of Arizona.

What Does Building Envelope Consulting Involve?

Water intrusion is a common problem for structures, and if the building envelope is not secure, water and moisture damage can threaten the structural integrity of buildings. Moisture-related problems like mold and mildew growth, increased likelihood of freezing and thawing damage, and corrosion can result in long-term damage. The seals of windows, doors, balconies, foundations, walls, roofs, and skylights must be examined periodically to ensure effective and efficient building envelopes.

In addition to water intrusion testing, a roof consultant from Preferred Roof Consultants of Arizona will perform site reviews, roof uplift testing, air leakage testing, infrared thermal imaging, and air barrier testing in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. These various diagnostic tests ensure that performance, indoor environmental, and energy standards are met, and they're often required when filing insurance claims.

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