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Roof Inspection Services

The first step in preparing a truly effective roof repair and/or replacement plan is to come to the Phoenix roof consultants at PRC who have years of industry experience.

Protect the roof proactively by having us inspect your roof(s) once or twice per year. We recommend having a roof inspection before the Phoenix monsoon season and then again after the monsoon season. Before July and then again after September (weather is unpredictable).

Let our Phoenix roof inspection service help you to identify potential problems with leaks and formulate a repair/maintenance plan to protect your commercial, multi-family, or industrial roofing asset management.

We provide roof inspections for:

residential building with red roof
  •   HOA board members
  •   HOA community managers
  •   Apartment building owners/managers
  •   Facility managers, etc
  •   People who manage many buildings or very large buildings
shingle damaged roof

What To Expect From Our Roof Inspection Services

PRC, LLC will perform a visual roof inspection obtaining an accurate measurement of the roof(s), evaluate the current condition the roof(s), provide recommendations for repair or re-roofing, establish a prioritization of actions to be taken on the roof(s), and prepare a written plan of action to repair or re-roof.

We write a comprehensive roof inspection report including; all the information as described above, a description of the existing roof(s), the roof(s) life expectancy, recommendations, photographic documentation, individual roof evaluations are needed, and the results of any field testing.

If you are looking for a roof inspection for your Phoenix area property, please call us at 480-265-1613 or complete our consultation form.

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