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Storm Damage Assessment Services

Should your roof suffer damage from hail, high winds, or natural disaster, contact our storm damage assessment experts. Our Phoenix roof consultants can help you see a favorable outcome with your insurance claim by providing you with a detailed roof Storm Damage Assessment report and a Repair or Replacement Scope of Work.

Hiring a professional a storm damages your Phoenix roof is the best way to protect your investment. The insurance company will perform their own assessment to determine the cost to restore your roof but they do not work for you. Be sure your best interests are covered by hiring an experienced Phoenix Storm Damage Assessment expert who provides unbiased and honest service.

With the information PRC can arm you with, you will be armed with the accurate details necessary to realize the best possible outcome from your insurance claim. Give us a call if we can assist you in any way.

Who We Provide Storm Damage Assessment Services To

Our storm damage assessment services are available to all types of clients throughout Arizona:

roof with hail damage
  •   Industrial & Commercial Property Owners
  •   Multi-Family Property Owners
  •   Residential Property Managers
  •   Commercial Property Managers
  •   HOA Board Members & Managers
  •   Large Building Facility Managers
  •   Private Homeowners

If you are looking for a storm damage assessment for your Phoenix area property, please call us at 480-265-1613 or complete our consultation form.

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