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Roof Education Information

Looking for tips, advice and roofing articles to break the constant cycle of roofing problems? Do you manage the maintenance and roof repairs of a large building and need some tips on how to protect this most important owner asset? Find the information you are looking for with the following roof education resources from Preferred Roof Consultants of Arizona.

What Does a Roof Assessment Include?

The four consulting phases from a qualified roof consultant in Mesa include a roof assessment, specification and bidding [...] Read More

Arizona Roofing Workmanship Standards

The following standards are expressed in terms of permissible tolerances. The format is designed for easy comprehension as follows:[...] Read More

Top 3 Benefits of Regular Roof Inspection Service

Your Phoenix home is a big investment and your roof is the most important component[...] Read More

Arizona RCI Branch Established 2018

Preferred Roof Consultants of Arizona Leading the Way [...] Read More

Results of Poor Roofing Installation

If you came to the conclusion that you need to change the roof of your home, it means you already have issues caused by [...] Read More

Why You Should Always Consult a Qualified Roofing Expert

Every home owner knows how bad it feels when home roof repair is poorly done. Whether you are a do-it–yourself or you have [...] Read More

Registrar of Contractors (ROC)

While there are many great contractors in Arizona, you can always find some that are not as reliable as you might expect. If that happens [...] Read More

Should you opt for silicone roof coating or elastomeric coating?

Finding the very best roof coating can be very important. Not only will you get to protect your roof for the long run, but you will [...]

Read More

Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Usually, if you want a stylish and quality roof you have to pay a premium. That can make your roof very costly and most of the time [...]

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Changes at the Arizona Registry of Contractors

There are some new changes at the Arizona registry of contractors that bring in quite a lot of concerns [...]

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How to know when it’s time to replace your roof?

Having a tile roof can be great, but the reality is that this is one of the roof types which can wear down pretty quick. Yet you do have to wonder [...]

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Things To Consider When Undergoing Tile Roof Repair and Replacement

he roof comprises the most essential part of a structure. There are various kinds of roofs according to the geographical or climate conditions [...]

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Do It Yourself Project Management

When hiring a roofer, or any other contractor for that matter, always consider their [...]

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Why do tile roofs leaks

Tile roofs in Arizona tend to leak in the valleys, along the front edges, around pipes and other penetrations and at walls. Especially those [...]

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