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Changes at the Arizona Registry of Contractors

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There are some new changes at the Arizona registry of contractors that bring in quite a lot of concerns from the real estate and construction companies. It seems that the Auditor General and the State Ombudsmen have provided some reports that show a very poor performance for the registrar. This required the registrar to overhaul some of the procedures in order to handle the complaints properly.

One of the new changes regulates the enforcement of workmanship standard and contractor licensing against a wide variety of licensees in Arizona. The registrar actually dictates some administrative remedies and these are available to property owners for both commercial and residential projects.

The registrar tries to find a good balance between the public welfare and quality construction. It might see complains from the design professionals which require the contractor to answer for construction problems, but at the same time the registrar might receive complaints from brokers and agents that want to punish contractors for bad work. The registrar is also handling complains that are filled by one contractor against another contractor.

Since the real estate industry does tend to generate this type of problems, the Arizona registry of contractors manages to offer a very good, efficient way of dealing with any problem within the industry. They can help take action in fraudulent situation or when a contractor/design professional/broker sees shoddy business practices.

Around 7% of Arizona contractors are found in complaints and 1% of them are actually found very often in that list. The Arizona registry of contractors focuses on informing the public about the contractors that don’t do their job properly. The Arizona registry of contractors will actually focus on being the regulator for these complaints instead of just being the referee. They will be able to punish contractors if they don’t respect the rules and if they repeat the same offenses over and over again without even trying to amend the issues.

The Arizona registry of Contractors investigators will be able to gather facts and make an informed decision about the situation. Not only that, but the complainant will no longer be able to pursue the citation once the registry will handle it. instead, he will have a reduced role as he will testify at the hearing.

What the Arizona registry of contractors wants to do here is to reduce the number of complaints. This might be a very good solution especially in the long run. Around 12000 complains are gathered per year and it’s understandable why the Arizona registry of contractors wants to deal with them properly. With a good set of regulations, the registry will be able to identify the worst contractors in Arizona instead of dealing with disputes that don’t end up nowhere.

Obviously, this does tend to make some people and companies upset, especially if they are the ones pursued by the registry. However, this is a very good idea as it does help make the real estate industry in Arizona a lot more efficient!

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