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Should you opt for silicone roof coating or elastomeric coating?

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Finding the very best roof coating can be very important. Not only will you get to protect your roof for the long run, but you will end up dealing with lower maintenance costs as well. However, there are multiple roof coating solutions out there, some of which tend to work better than others. But you do have to wonder, which solution is the best for you? In this article we will focus on silicone coatings and elastomeric coatings, in a quest to find the best option.

Ease of use

Maybe the most important thing to focus on is the ease of use. Silicone coatings are great here because they will cure in 24 hours. This is a lot faster when compared to the elastomeric solutions that can take multiple days. Elastomeric solutions are affected by air humidity, whereas the silicone coatings don’t have any problem here. Another thing to keep in mind is that the silicone coatings will cure even in the case of low temperatures. As a result, you can place it even during the winter season if that’s necessary.


Both silicone and elastomeric coatings are waterproof! This is great if you want to protect your roof in a proper manner without having to worry about any water-related issues. It can be a stellar experience and results will pay off for sure in the end.

UV Performance

Silicone coatings are better here as well. They deliver a solid performance as they can help you maintain the adhesion even if you have to deal with a lot of water. The performance remains the same and you don’t encounter any damage, something that can be found in the case of elastomeric. Also, the elastomeric solutions are known to haze and even chalk a little bit during the prolonged UV exposure. It might be a better option here to opt for silicone, as you don’t get nothing of the sort in this situation.

Environmental Safety

Elastomeric coatings are not that good for the environment. They are sprayed, which means that they can damage both the surrounding environment and the people in that particular location. Thankfully, silicone roof coatings don’t bring in such a problem. They are a much healthier solution and results can be second to none in the end. The fact that you deal with a lower VOC is a clear indication that silicone coatings are a much better option and results will definitely pay off in the end.


The elastomeric solutions are known to be quite expensive. Thankfully, silicone coatings are a lot more accessible and the price can be second to none in the end. That’s why you should consider investing in this type of coating as the value can be incredible!

In conclusion, silicone roof coatings are a much better option if you compare them to elastomeric coatings. Not only will they help you save money, but you also get better performance as well. You should consider investing in silicone coatings right away as the experience can be very well worth it!

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