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Registrar of Contractors (ROC)

While there are many great contractors in Arizona, you can always find some that are not as reliable as you might expect. If that happens and you just believe that you paid for something that didn’t meet up your expectations, you can always file a complaint at the Registrar of Contractors.

The Registrar of Contractors is the main regulatory body for Arizona-based contractors, and it allows contractor customers to come and share their complaints with a particular contractor. They will investigate each claim and, based on that; they will take the necessary action.

Also, the Registrar of Contractors allows you to figure out if a contractor is registered or not and in this case, you will be able to stay away from potential fraudulent contractors, something that you should do at all costs.

What type of complaints can you file? They depend on what issue you had with that particular contractor and what industry it serves. The Registrar of Contractors can handle complaints that pertain to HVAC contractors, construction contractors and so on. You just have to talk with the contractor, and that’s it, he will be able to handle any problem as fast as possible.

Should you contact the Registrar of Contractors if you have any complaints pertaining to a particular Arizona contractor? Yes, because if you don’t do that, other people might have to deal with a similar problem and you should help others stay away from this type of problems. You have to keep in mind the fact that only when the Registrar of Contractors knows about the issues caused by a contractor will they be able to take any action. If you don’t say anything, you will let the contractor do a bad job for other people as well. So, if you see that a contractor does not offer the type of work you would expect, you should contact the RoC and let them know about it.

If you want to file a complaint to the RoC, you just have to visit their website at and press the File a Complaint button. Here you will be able to choose the desired nature of that complaint, if it’s a non-payment complaint, an unlicensed complaint or a licensed complaint. You are free to choose the desired option based on your current situation.

The Registar of Contractors can also be used by contractors that didn’t receive any payments from clients or which damaged their equipment, among others. The RoC has a right to serve both consumers and contractors, so it will receive complaints from both parties. After all complaints are received, they are analyzed and then the Registar of Contractors will be able to come up with a decision based on that.

As you can see, the Registar of Contractors is very important for both contractors and consumers, because it gets to offer a safety net for both in case something goes wrong. Sure, this doesn’t necessarily mean that things will go south all the time, but if something does happen, the RoC is ready to handle any complaints!

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