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Results of Poor Roofing Installation

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If you came to the conclusion that you need to change the roof of your home, it means you already have issues caused by an improper roof. Still, just hiring a contractor to change your roof is not enough. If you end up paying for a bad roof installation, your money will go to waste and you will not manage to get rid of the problems that are causing you so much trouble. Of course, the results of poor roofing installation will not appear right from the start, but if the quality of the work done is low, the negative consequences of an improper roofing installation won’t fail to appear.

The worst part about getting a bad roofing installation is that there won’t be visible issues right from the start. The roof may seem pristine and do its job right for a few months or even years before starting to visible signs of improper installation. So, having a bad roofing contractor take care of your roofing installation may make you spend money for a new one again, in a relatively short while. The roof should act as a shield for your house and when it is improper installed, it will fail to provide an adequate protection. What are the results of a bad roofing installation? The list below will make you understand the risks of not having a reliable contractor take care of this particular operation.

Leaks and elevated moisture

Roofing that is not installed right will present small and slow leaks, which can also be damaging in time. In most of the cases, the incorrect fastening of the flashing details leads to leaks. And this is an operation done during the installment of the roofing. Moisture occurs due to almost the same reasons if the team of the contractor you hired fails to install the right moisture barrier under the coping cap. In time, elevated moisture and leaks will lead to a series of problems.

The insulation is not adequate

As mentioned before, the roof is the shield of your home, insulating it and creating a welcoming atmosphere inside. If the roof vents are not installed correctly on your roof, then the temperature, airflow, and moisture will suffer significant changes. If these roof vents to not receive immediate attention in order to remediate the problem, they can trigger issues that are more serious, like the formation of mold, leaks, and R-value loss, which is essential to have proper home insulation.

The energy efficiency of your home will be reduced

You should not consider moisture and leaks as problems that are minor because once a roof presents leaks and moisture they will become problems that will affect your entire home. An improper roofing installation can lead to cooling and heating bills that are higher than usual.

So, it really does matter what contractor is taking care of this problem and how your roof will be installed. A high-quality roofing installation should last for years, keeping your home safe against the weather. Thus, before choosing the contractor, do some research and see what clients have to say about their work and services. A roofing installation does not come cheap, so you should be interested in spending smart.

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