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Roofing  FAQ

Question: My roof is not leaking, what do I need a Consultant for?

Answer: As your roof is one of the most important components of your building’s envelope, ignoring preventative maintenance and periodic inspections can result in premature deterioration and failure of the asset. Just as you perform scheduled maintenance on things such as cars and HVAC systems, periodic roof inspections can reveal minor maintenance issues that, ignored over time, often lead to major issues impacting the integrity and water-tightness of the roof. With proper inspections and maintenance performed at minimal costs, we can extend the service life of your roof and prevent leaks before they occur. When the time to replace the asset does come, you will have already been proactively planning and budgeting for it.

Question: I am already planning to replace my roof soon anyways, what do I need a Consultant for?

Answer: We are here to help you determine the remaining service life, which roof system(s) you should be considering, and qualifying which contractors are the best qualified to bid on your project. Most importantly, we make sure the new roof is installed correctly and meets manufacturer’s specifications if you’re considering a system warranty. Remember, the number one cause of a roof problem is a result of a flawed installation.

Question: I already have a good Contractor that I trust, what do I need a Consultant for?

Answer: Fantastic! If you have a good relationship with a quality-minded contractor, you should continue to work with that contractor. Our role is to work with the contractor in the design of the best roof system for your building and by having another set of eyes on the installation. A good contractor will appreciate our presence, as added supervision in the roofing process is always a positive. We advocate for you to assure that best practices are followed and in-progress problems or surprises are dealt with expeditiously.

Question: I have a warranty already, what do I need a Consultant for?

Answer: Manufacturer’s warranties are written by company attorneys for the protection and benefit of themselves while providing a peace of mind sales feature to the building owner. Most of these manufacturer’s warranties require items that the owner must comply with in order to keep the warranty in force.

Also, most manufacturers require that contractors be certified before they will issue a warranty. This is where we come in and help by ensuring you actually receive your warranty, that you are compliant in your obligations under the terms of that warranty, and that the contractor is compliant with their obligations to the manufacturer. Many of the owners we have worked for after a re-roof project that went bad or had unresolved issues were never even provided a written warranty by either a contractor or the manufacturer. Concerning the labor portion of the warranty, every contractor in the state of Arizona is held liable for two years after the completion date. The state holds every contractor to the Arizona Standards of Workmanship.

The contractor is obligated to install materials in accordance with the state standards, so our job is to ensure this. As stated earlier, we can also come in after the fact on a sub-standard installation and identify areas were the standards have been violated and help correct them.

Question: A roofer is offering me a free inspection, why would I pay a roof consultant for the same thing?

Answer: The short answer is that the roofer is NOT offering you the same unbiased analysis that we are offering. Roofing contractors typically send out salespeople to inspect your roof, and their focus is usually on selling rather than consulting. Your roof is a huge asset.

Our inspections result in honest and unbiased condition assessments and the most cost-effective remedies to solve any problems we discover. We will take core samples of the roof assembly, run moisture tests, measure coating thicknesses, and determine if there’s adequate slope to handle water evacuation off the roof.

We will provide you with a genuine, unbiased, and comprehensive report that you can use in your planning and budgeting. We are paid to assess the condition of your roof and we have no alternative motive.

Question: Is a roof Consultant really worth the money?

Answer: The savings realized from a consultant assessment come from a planned and proactive approach to maintaining your asset, unlike the reactive and often costly decisions made under the duress of an unexpected leak. Rather than calling a roofing contractor for expensive emergency repairs when it rains, the cycle is broken using a periodic and systematic approach without duress. SO YES! A roof consultant is well worth the investment to help you maintain one of your building’s most important assets, its roof.

If you are looking for a roof consultant in the Phoenix area, please call us at 480-265-1613 or complete our consultation form.

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