The following are brief descriptions of the services that we offer you. If you have any questions or need clarification call us at (480) 265-1613

Roof inspection and condition assessment: Every great roof project begins with a complete and detailed roof inspection. A detailed evaluation of your roof’s condition is vital in the planning process. This is the first step in preparing a truly effective repair and/or replacement plan.

Annual roof maintenance inspection: Protect your roof proactively by having us inspect your roof(s) once or twice per year. We recommend having your roof inspected before the monsoon season and then again after the monsoon season. Before July and then again after September (weather is un predicable). Let us identify potential problems and leaks, and prepare a repair/maintenance plan to protect your property.

Storm damage assessment: Should you have the misfortune of your roof being damaged during a storm event. We can help you with your insurance claims by providing you with a detailed assessment report, and repair or replacement scope of work. This information is in very helpful to the insurance adjustor working on your claim.

Two-year roof certifications: We offer our realtor friends two-year roof certifications that many financial institutions require before funding a loan. Typically, a roof certification can be completed within 72 hours. This service consists of a roof inspection, in which we will determine if the roof is currently leaking, or likely to leak in the next two years. If we find that the roof is leaking or likely to leak, we will provide you with a scope of work to correct the problem, before issuing a two-year roof certification. If we determine that the roof is water-tight is not likely to leak in the next two years, we will issue your two-year roof certification right away.

Leak detection and resolution: Leaks can be very expensive and frustrating. We are experts at locating hard to find leaks and preparing a plan to resolve your leaks for good. We take advantage of all the available technology, such as moister detectors or thermal cameras. As well our vast experience in finding hard to find leaks.

Specifications/Drawings and Project manual: Every project needs a set of instructions if it is going to be a successful project. Our specifications and project manual, will detail every phase of the job. From soliciting bids and hiring a contractor, to the final close out, and everything in between. A job without direction and guidance can go bad really fast, and a bad construction job is expensive and time consuming. Our specifications and project manual will detail the contractor requirements, the scope of work, any special job site conditions or circumstance, who pays who and when. It also details the manner in which any disputes of workmanship issues will be handled. This document will be written specifically for your project, with your needs up front and center. Do not start a roofing project of any kind without a properly written and well thought out specifications and project manual.

Quality assurance/Project monitoring: You are not a roofing contractor and no one should expect you be. Let us be your eyes and ears, let our decades of experience in the roofing business serve your project’s need. Let us monitor the work full time or periodically, inspecting the quality of the work being done and assuring you that it meets with the project specifications. Should there be a problem, we know full and well how to approach the problem and resolve it fast and efficiently. Contractors tend to be more quality conscience when they know a professional is paying attention. While monitoring your project, we will report to you as often as needed. We will advise you and you will determine how to proceed in various situations. Bottom line, we make sure you get exactly what you paid for.

Contract administration: Shuffling through any project contract documents can be time consuming and frustrating if you don’t understand the process. We most certainly do understand the process, from the invitation to bid, to the final close out. Proper documentation is an absolute necessity when working on any construction project. Especially if you are servicing a client’s property, such as property manager. Generally, contract administration will include:
  • Bid Solicitation
  • Bid Verification
  • Contract and Related document review?
  • Notice to proceed
  • Submittal review
  • Pre-Construction and Job progress meetings
  • Roof Observation
  • Change order review and verification
  • Pay application review and verification
  • Substantial completion and final inspections
  • Review and delivery of close-out documents

OSHA Training
Henry Staggs became an Authorized OSHA outreach trainer in 2017, in order to expand our services to the contractor and provide them with a training option should they need it.
Not only is safety training a good idea, it is the law. Each contractor has the legal responsibility to provide their employees with a hazard free work environment, to provide them with training and the proper protective equipment.
If you are a contractor interested in OSHA 10 hour or 30 hour training, feel free to contact us at (480) 265-1613 or by using our contact us form. CPR and first aid training is also available.”