I will Inspect your roof and prepare a Detailed Inspection Report which includes any possible wood damage. You won’t be surprised with “unexpected” costs at the end of the job.

Roof Consultation Job Specifications

You’ll receive a Complete Job Scope (Specifications) which will include all Materials and Labor Specifications needed, right down the nails. Each contractor bidding on the project is bidding the EXACT same project, not five different scopes of work.

Job scopes based on national and local codes, manufacturer’s specifications and Arizona’s Workmanship Standards.

Three qualified bids

I will invite three qualified roofing contractors to bid on your project. Each contractor will be pre-qualified as a licensed and insurance contractor capable of completing your project. I will meet them on site to allow them access to walk the roof and do their own inspections. Then deliver their with bids to you for your consideration.

Pre-Construction Meeting

I will meet with the contractor on the starting day of the job, assure they understand the scope of the work. We will discuss Material Storage, Safety Concerns and overall Job Site Cleanness. Since I have done more than a thousand jobs in my life, I know exactly what to look for.

Site Visits

Make site visits during the work to assure the work done in accordance to the specifications and standards agreed to. When a roofer knows someone who UNDERSTANDS roofing will be checking in on them, they are much less likely to cut corners.

Final Inspection

After the contractor has completed his or her work, I will do a Final Inspection. Since it is a very close and scrutinizing inspection you will know that you got exactly what you paid for when you hired me for your roof consulting services.